ATILIM Escrima

Fast… effective… involves use of knife and sticks… involves use of daily goods such as credit card, newspaper, hand bag, umbrella for self-defense… Filipino… self-defense system.

ATILIM Escrima is a Filipino weapon art in which short stick (60 cm.) and similar weapons are used. ATILIM Escrima is a synthesis of Sifu Hasan AKIN and his associates to Escrima (Kali, Arnis) which is based on practicality and reality.

60 cm. rattan stick is the basic training weapon to reduce the injuries. However, this defense concept can be transferred into various everyday things like umbrella, stick, briefcase, and credit cards.

Together with ATILIM WingTsun or individually, this art can be used in all distances of any weapon or weaponless self – defense.
When we say weapon, we mean weapons without fire. In this context, there are two groups of weapons used: i) stick, baseball bat, metal rods etc., ii) knife, machete, screwdriver, bottle, glass, etc. However, sometimes credit card, umbrella, fire extinguisher, home or car keys can rescue your life.

You want to learn how???

You are INVITED to our classes to learn how you can use all those things to save your life.


sep 23 2023


18:00 - 19:00


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